Pt 1. Prepared to Play | Nilson G Ramirez]

Before Jesus's Main Event, he gave his group of guys a pre-game speech. Thanks to the Gospel writers we get to be a fly on the wall during an incredible conversation.


Why wait till Spring to clean things out? Better to start the year off on a clean slate don't you think?                                                            

Pt 3. God WITH Us | Jeff Chacon

As the saying goes, "We're all in this together." But it didn't have to be that way. That was a choice God made for our benefit.

Pt 1. GOD with Us | Jeff Chacon

Jeff kicks off our Christmas Lead-Up series by highlighting the divinity of Jesus through fulfilled prophecy.

Pt 1. THE CALL AND THE COST | Jeff Chacon

We love movies about warriors. Men and women who fight against all odds and overcome enormous obstacles. But what if our war is greater? What if we're what those warriors would watch? The Angels tune in, are you giving them something worth watching? This sermon covers what a follower of Jesus is called to do as well as what he/she might face.

PAY IT BACKWARDS | Nilson G Ramirez

We're looking forward to 2017 by looking at a form of "giving back" that God put into place thousands of years ago.

Pt 2. God with US | Nilson G Ramirez

Jesus was not 50% God and 50% man, he was %100 God and %100 man. The fact that he can relate to you does a lot for you.

Pt 2. REQUIRED ATTIRE | Nilson G Ramirez

Following Jesus comes with a dress code, and we're not talking about modesty. There a 3 outfits a follower of Jesus should wear, and they're indicative of a warrior.

FIX YOUR EYES | Nilson G Ramirez

Hebrews 11 shows us men and women of monumental faith. Where did that faith come from? Where does your faith come from?