Spiritual growth is a team sport. We grow closer to Him as we grow closer to each other. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, we have a group for you.



Children and adults learn in different ways. Our childcare is more than childcare; we aim to teach and interact with our children in a way that leaves a Godly imprint on their hearts. Our goal is to place an anchor for Christ in their lives.


Family matters to us. That’s why we promote once-a-month events that the entire family can enjoy. We do it all: fall festivals, karaoke, prayer devotionals, martial arts! We do it for the families and with the families. Our goal is for families with young kids to build Godly memories together that they can lean on in the future. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated!

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Our mission as a group is to be a generation that changes generations. On Wednesday nights we meet for what we call "Round Table." We take a passage and discuss the direction God desires for our lives in light of current events. On weekends we go rock climbing, fishing, hold game nights and barbecue, go to movie premieres... we do a lot. Follow us on Facebook to see what's next!